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Dry & Chicken Rendering Plant And Equipment

High-quality Dry & Chicken Rendering Plant And Equipment is available for meeting the rendering needs of the clients at a very brisk pace. They are provided in sturdy design with unmatched body and powerful features.

Storage Tank

We provide strong Storage Tanks for keeping chemicals and abrasive fluids safe for long. They come with non-abrasive inner lining to ensure no degradation. 

Hammer Mills

Durable Hammer Mills are available for shredding or crushing the aggregate material into smaller pieces. It comes with powerful features to ensure the capacity of 50 kg/Hr To 3000 kg/Hr.

Screw Oil Press

Screw Oil Press is a compact and durable machine widely used for extracting edible oil from different kinds of oilseeds. It is the powerhouse of the oil expeller designed with a sturdy cylindrical cage for pushing the material in a high-pressure chamber.

Industrial Conveyor

We offer high-end Industrial Conveyor for meeting the material conveying needs of light to heavy weight material in different industries and applications. It is available in string material with anti-abrasive coating.

Chicken Cutting Machine

Chicken Cutting Machines are specially designed for chicken portioning in hotels, mess, canteens. etc. With heavy-duty stainless steel material, they ensure no abrasion, rusting and corrosion for years to come.  

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